What products you will get with an IYF membership

The products we offer

Our simple steps have made trading understandable at a click of a button for any indiviudal. As soon as you choose your membership type and sign up, you will have access to our trading rooms and training facilities allowing you to learn how to trade almost immediately!

Expert Traders Portal

Learn about expert trade ideas

If you don’t have the time to dedicate to learning how to become a trader you can still trade for yourself by acting on IYF’s trading ideas delivered by our IYF expert traders daily.

For the first time ever, we have brought together some of the top independent equities retail traders to share their daily trades with you. You can just follow these trades for 5 minutes a day by looking at the figures given e.g. the asset, the range, the take profit and the stop loss. You can also analyse the reasons for why the trader has placed this trade by looking at the comments box.

And yes, our results are myfxbook pro verified so you can see exactly the returns we are making by following our traders on our real trading account.


Daily analysis

IYF Market Analysis

Our traders upload market analysis video’s daily that discuss the markets going on’s in that specific period. These video’s look into the key data releases being announced in the day ahead and how they may impact the market, possible trading ideas and a technical analysis summary of key assets!

Our members portal has a live calendar plugged in so you can access all the market news you need in one place with IYF! For live news stories, just visit the IYF news page.

Members Forum


Are you looking to enjoy your trading journey alongside other aspiring traders? Well, our forum / trading community is perfect for you! You can talk to our experts about trading ideas, share trade ideas with other IYF members, develop your trading network, access our experts daily analysis and have a general chit chat about all things trading! Accessible via desktop & mobile phone application.


The IYF Education Centre

We believe that our course is the most helpful and easy to understand equities trading course out there, starting from the very beginning. In the first month you will receive the trading equities foundations module so you can learn how to follow our expert equity traders daily and of course gain a basic knowledge of trading equities! You will then receive equities classes teaching you how to become a self-dependent equity trader from here onwards monthly!

Most equities training courses start the wrong way by teaching you about strategies you can use and diving into analysis. Although we get onto all of this later on in the course in depth, its vital that you understand equity trading first and of course how to manage your account, risk exposure correctly. So we have made sure that no step has been missed out, and that if you have never traded before, you can understand trading properly from the beginning, and by the end of the course, you will have the knowledge of an expert trader.

custom software


Under your IYF membership, you can now access our 3 custom indicators, designed to help you spot great trades! You will access:
The buy / sell signal indicator that tells you when you should be buying / selling the market based on a combination of indicators.
The risk to reward profit calculator which calculates your risk to reward on the trade you are looking to put on and how much you will win / lose on that trade.
The currency strength indicator showing you what currencies are strong (buys) and what ones are weak (sells).

Assessing the markets!

Market watchlists

Our weekly market analysis reports look into potential trade ideas in the week ahead with full technical and fundamental analysis! Our experts look through 8-10 asset pairings and analyse them fully in terms of predicted movements in the week ahead, giving you vital market knowledge and potential trade idea's to trigger!

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