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Gavin Seale

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My introduction to share trading started thirty years ago when I was given 100 Abbey National shares due to having a mortgage with them. They increased in value 30% in twelve months, I was hooked! I then began depositing into Building Societies to obtain free shares when they demutualized and my portfolio was born. Because my business involved trading metals I began to take particular interest in the Mining sector, which has continued to this day. I was caught up in the wave of winning and losing like most, which forced my hand to understand the importance of risk management going forward which has given me the discipline to still be trading the same portfolio of thirty years ago.


sell uk 100 , market selling off as mining sector goes ex dividend  , sell order set below 200 ema on the 1 hr, first update moved stop to 7125 to secure 15 pips as markets very volatile, 2nd update new stop hit 15 pips secured on a day of high volatility .

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