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Meerain Baloch

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Meerain has a degree in financial economics and has been trading US markets for over three years. He mostly looks for under/overvalued fundamentals in derivatives and stocks, but still showing an awareness for the technical aspects.


I am going to trade Energy transfer. The company has missed a few of the earnings but has a strong position in Energy-related services in the US and in China. I want to buy it and get out of the trade before it's earnings which are on 8th. The company owns and operates approximately 9,400 miles of natural gas transportation pipelines and three natural gas storage facilities in Texas; and approximately 12,200 miles of interstate natural gas pipelines. My trade would be simple. I will buy the stock around the current level which is 15.19 as I am bullish just like the rest of analyst and it has an average price target of  20.89 and trading at P/E of 13.15 and has a nice dividend of 8%. I will take profit at 15.35. and on the downside, I will put a stop loss at 14.80





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